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daddy diariesSometimes I’m a little jealous of the girls’ teachers. This first year of schooling was a little tough at times with separation issues (mostly for me).


As I write this my twins only have two weeks of pre-prep left. The year has flown by in a flurry of activity, curiosity and endless birthday parties.


And it’s been wonderful for the most part. I’ve certainly learnt a few lessons myself but this transition phase where the girls went from spending most of their time with me to where they spent a large part of their week with a teacher has been hard but really good for them.


Having said that I’m looking forward to holidays and being able to spend more fun time with my girls again. It’s nothing against their amazing teachers, but I kind of want them to myself again for a bit. Does that sound strange?


I mentioned this to a parent of an older child and they certainly looked at me as if I was deranged.


But it’s true. Maybe it will change later in life but I can’t wait to go back to days of fun with my two little ones. Yes, it will be exhausting and draining but playing with them makes life worth everything.


However as I look at all the activities, camps and clubs available over the holidays I can’t help but wonder if you can be too active?


Throughout the year we had the opportunity to try an array of sports and join a long list of clubs. And some kids have so very much on, such as dancing, soccer, gymnastics, tennis, swimming – and all top of on school. It doesn’t leave much time.


Seriously some children have more clubs than my golf bag. Which remains unused for the past five years incidentally…


It’s true – while my kids are exercising non-stop, my physical activity has dried up and my pre-pregnancy weight is a thing of the past.


‘My life’ is merely acting as chauffeur and bill-payer for the kids who are having a super active life.


And with December upon us it’s an active life that will once more have me in the centre of it. And the Queensland summer means I’ll spend my days balancing outdoor activities with an hour of screen time, indoor games and lots and lots of glorious books.


Play dates interspersed with trips to the beach, the library, the cinemas and parks. Painting, pottery, cards, colouring, dancing and dominoes.


Man, with so much to do I almost need an assistant to help me coordinate and supervise. Someone good with kids.


Hmmmm, I wonder what the teachers are doing during holidays…

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