Daddy’s Swear Jar

My Twins are at an age where they pick things up very quickly. In fact, their learning skills are both extremely surprising and a little scary.

From Rhapsody fetching and trying to fit keys into locks, to Gypsy constructing a ladder to overcome her inability to reach doorknobs, the girls are a constant source of amazement given their age.

But there are times when their observational ability isn’t smiles and roses.

Take the other day. It had been a wonderful day with the girls, but they had hit that witching hour full-on and were impersonating terrorists just as their mummy got home.

Tired and frustrated, I pleaded with them to behave, “Come on girls -you’ve been so good today. Don’t ruin it now by being little ships right at the end”.

But, of course, it wasn’t “ships”. My word was naughty, rather than nautical.

And guess which single word, out of those twenty, Gypsy chose to repeat.


Her Mummy didn’t know whether to yell at me, or laugh at her.

Yes, now I know not to make a big deal out of it, otherwise this guarantees that my child will make it her favourite word. Of course, I know this from experience as the only other time a gem slipped past my lips, the word was forgotten as soon as it was uttered.

Not this time. She randomly blurted it out for the rest of the evening and despite our affected obliviousness it continued the next day.

My favourite part was in aisle 7 of Coles as little old lady was cooing over what a pretty girl she is.

So it appears I have to accept that having curious and intelligent children means having to be very aware of my every action and word.

But as for my baby girl’s ears remaining pure? It seems that ship has sailed.

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