Fixing everything now

Following the crash I’m piecing things together. It didn’t back up properly but I have fragments everywhere so it’ll just be a few weeks or so before most things are back and in place. I seem to have lost some of the letters sadly but am looking through old computer backups to try and locate them. If not, I’ll reproduce those I can remember.

I only have about 370 posts to recover.

Thank you for your patience.

However the cards may fall

This week was ‘free pick’ week in Show & Tell. Gypsy took her new monkey (Tails) she received while in hospital last week. Rhapsody on the other hand took her poker set.

Thanks Granddad.

*sigh* I think I may have the world’s only five-year-old girls who can explain what small and big blinds are.


What?!! Crawling through the McDonald’s drive-thru Rhaps suddenly said “what’s that?” pointing towards the playground we were next to. I couldn’t see anything but she persisted “the grey thing in the pink dress”. I strained to see and asked where. She pointed to one ‘cubicle’ and suddenly Gypsy joined in. “She’s wearing a funny hat.”

They then took turns describing little details (not at all contradicting each other). Just chuckled to myself as I was finally sure there wasn’t anything there and that they were not only using their imaginations well but doing it co-operatively.

Then suddenly they both yelled – in unison and very excitedly – “SHE’S POKING HER TONGUE OUT!” No way they could have collaborated.

I’m a little freaked out right now.

Daddy’s girl

This morning Rhapsody jumped into our bed for early kisses and cuddles before, rather oddly, deciding to smell us.

*sniff sniff*
“Mummy you stink!”

*sniff sniff*
“Daddy you smell like flowers”


It melts your heart…

When grandma turned up today, Gypsy let out a delighted shriek and ran over to her. After a huge hug she rubbed her nose against grandma and said “Grandma, when I see you it makes my heart super happy”.

My heart melted. 🙂

Fairytales and tears

We spent more than three hours at the doctor’s office with Rhapsody this afternoon. Why? Well thankfully the first doctor’s diagnosis of a broken arm was incorrect: it was merely a radial head dislocation (one of the bones that goes into your elbow joint popped out).

Because when my girls play Goldilocks it’s hard core.

An afternoon of intense pain for a brave (and oddly immobile – seriously she hasn’t sat/lain still for that long since… well never) little girl but after the second doctor popped it back in she was happily kamikaze again. Though a little more cuddly with daddy for awhile which was nice.

Quick comeback

Exasperated after a very rough morning, I finally snapped “The Easter Bunny is watching. You’re being very naughty so there won’t be chocolate for you if you keep this up.”

The reply? “You’re being very cranky. There won’t be chocolate for you either.”

For a moment I thought the worst

“We had an incident today…” Not the words you want to hear when you’re picking your kids up. However it turns out that my girls weren’t at fault. A boy bit Rhapsody over a sharing dispute.

I still found myself asking how she retaliated expecting the worst but it turns out she did everything right.

Try, try, try

This morning, during mummy-twins time, the girls were on their ipads and asked for help with one of their games. Sandra tried to get out of it by saying she didn’t know how to do it. She then got a very stern lecture on try, try, trying new things and practicing until you can do it Mummy.

I’m still laughing.