Naughty words

daddyswearMy twins are at an age where they pick things up very quickly. In fact, their learning skills are both extremely surprising and a little scary.

From Rhapsody fetching and trying to fit keys into locks, to Gypsy constructing a ladder to overcome her inability to reach doorknobs, the girls are a constant source of amazement given their age.

But there are times when their observational ability isn’t all smiles and roses. Take the other day. It had been a wonderful day with the girls, but they had hit that witching hour full-on and were impersonating terrorists just as their mummy got home.

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Driving me crazy

Dear Baby Girls,

When you learn to drive, learn how to drive a manual first (“drive stick” in American-speak just in case it’s taken over the world by the time you read this).

Yes, it’s a little bit harder at first but it’s safer and gives you more options in the future. It means you’ll be able to handle anything that cars throw at you.

And there’s a valuable lesson there too: sometimes taking the harder route gives you skills and experience to handle far more than the task at hand.

Don’t just look for the easy way. Being challenged isn’t scary – it’s a good thing. I can’t say you’ll be able to do everything first time (or even the tenth time), but I can say that you can do ANYTHING you truly set your mind to.

So do everything well and embrace skills wherever you can. Life is not about how easily you can do something – it’s about the depth of the experience and how much you get out of it.

Lots of love